12 Effective ways to Remove Scars Fast at home

12 Effective Ways to Remove Scars Fast | at Home

Among the many incredible physiological abilities of the human body, its regenerative potential stands out. The tissues of our body are constantly being completely repaired, replacing the “old” cells with new ones at a rate that depends on the cellular tissue, ensuring the correct maintenance of the body, especially after suffering damage. know 12 Effective ways To Remove Scars Fast at Home from Below Article…

And since the skin, the largest organ of the human body, is constantly exposed to the dangers of the environment, it is not surprising that this is one of the areas of the body that has the maximum power of regeneration. Every 10 to 30 days, skin cells renew themselves to maintain their health.

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This skin repair process is especially relevant when there is an incision, wound, blow or burn, since these injuries can indicate sources of infection and therefore the body heals quickly. And while his ability to regenerate is amazing, it’s not perfect. And with especially deep injuries, it is inevitable that the dreaded scars appear.

Separations are permanent patches of skin that form when the body heals a wound, leaving a more or less indelible visible mark depending on our skin type and the severity of the underlying wound. However, it is very important, during the healing process, to avoid infections and reduce the symptoms that may remain, follow the following Remove Scars and Healing tips that we have compiled (from the most prestigious scientific publications) in this article.

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What is scar?

12 Effective ways to Remove Scars Fast at home

A scar is a permanent patch of skin that forms when the body heals a dermatological wound, which consists of an indelible mark resulting from a healing process of cut, burn, friction, infection, pain or after surgery in which the skin is cut. They appear to be thicker and are usually pinker, lighter, or redder than the surrounding skin.

When the injury occurs in the upper layers of the skin, the risk of scarring is low, as the body’s ability to regenerate may be compromised. But when it reaches deeper layers (such as the dermis or hypodermis), that’s when they can be seen. The scar will be the natural closure of the wound, but the body will not be able to make the scarred skin look the same as before.

However, Remove scars and the formation of the scar and its appearance will depend on many factors: location, age, skin type, severity of the underlying injury, hormonal status, skin color, genetics, depth of the wound, size of the wound etc. Therefore, it is difficult, at a clinical level, to establish clear standards for scar symptoms in general.

However, what we do know is that the scar formation process is divided into three stages: an inflammation stage (between 48 and 72 hours after the injury, the wound is closed with a blood clot and the tissues with dermatologically activated growth factors), cell. proliferation phase (over the next 3 to 6 weeks connective tissue is formed to close the wound superficially) and, finally, a matrix remodeling phase (deeper layers of the skin in a process that lasts a few months, although in some cases is more serious). It can even last for years, until the wound is completely healed but, of course, with the scar).

The scars may fade over time, but they do not disappear completely. With this in mind, it is vital, during the three-step process that we have seen about healing the skin and subsequent wound healing, to reduce the risk of infection and reduce the possible marks that may remain, we heal. well said scar. And this is what we are going to see.

What is a good way to cure and Remove Scars?

effective ways to remove scars fast at home
Remove Scars All types of Scars

As we have said, scars are the result of the natural process of wound healing in the skin that affects deep layers of it. They may fade over time, but never go away completely. And it will depend, a lot (there are factors already mentioned that we cannot control), on how we heal the wound and heal it. And that is precisely why we present below the best tips to heal scars. We’re going over there.

12 Effective ways To Remove Scars Fast at Home

1. Wash the wound regularly

Before a scar comes, we will obviously have a wound. And it is at this point, which corresponds to the first stage of inflammation (and also cell proliferation), when it is essential that the wound is always clean and that we disinfect it following the instructions of a professional. Otherwise, the wound may become infected. Not only can we make the scar more visible and aesthetically significant, but we can also tolerate infections.

2. Do not expose the wound to sunlight

In the wound stage and already with the first stages of the scar, it is essential to avoid sun exposure. The sun’s radiation will worsen its appearance and darken, with consequences that we will bear forever. So for at least half a year after the injury we will have to use high protection sun cream when we are exposed to sun, and for another two years, use non-greasy sun cream when the sun is blazing it will help to Stop Irritation after Remove scars ,

3. Use scar bandages

From here the advice is that when we enter the scar stage (ie the wound has already healed) and therefore the risk of infection is essentially zero. But what we want now is for the skirmish to be as visible as possible. To do this, the first thing we must take into account is to use special dressings for scars, which contain substances that reduce the size, improve the elasticity of the skin and reduce itching, something common in the early stages. source

4. Wear compression bandages

In addition to dressings, it is recommended to try compression bandages. These bandages are left on for about 18 hours a day and are recommended for use in the first three months after scar formation, as in up to 7 out of 10 people they melt and soften the scar to make it less visible. Of course, the bandage must be applied by a professional, so it is difficult to adhere.

5. Apply silicone gel

Silicone gel, New Gel+ UV
New Gel+ UV30 Silicone Gel For Remove Scars

Silicone gel, in addition to moisturizing the skin (something very important for its regeneration and Remove Scars), improves the skin elasticity, accelerates healing and gives the scars noticeable results in about 6 out of 10 cases. It is recommended to apply it for about three months after the scar has formed about twice a day. and Most Important things are Apply Silicone gels from only one Side, Example If you Start Using the silicone gel From Right Side, All Time use it From Right side for Remove Scars Without Irritation and You will see a effective Result, There is a risk of irritation, but it is a normal consequence that we should not worry about.

6. Use rose hips

Classic after surgical interventions in which the skin is cut. Rosehip oil achieves very good results when applied to scars as it contributes to tissue regeneration with Remove Scars. And what’s more, continuous exercise promotes coloration to improve the scar.

7. Apply healing ointments

In addition, we have ointments and creams that contain substances that promote proper healing. It is recommended to apply it for at least two months between two and three times a day. It must be remembered that, like musket oil, it cannot be applied to mucous membranes. In this case, it would be necessary to resort to the gel.

8. Keep skin hydrated (but not too wet)

It is very important, to promote optimal healing and regeneration of the skin for Remove scars, that it is always hydrated. But this does not mean that we should always keep the scar moist. In fact, this can be detrimental. We need to let the skin breathe and not “drown” it with moisturizers.

9. Massage the scar

Although it may not look good, massaging the scar can improve its appearance. And it is that, especially in scars associated with surgical operations, if the area with both thumbs imitates the shape of the heart favorably for the restoration of normal blood circulation, it improves the flexibility of the skin and prevents the accumulation of dirty fibers that, in many cases, it is responsible for the unsightly effects. In the postoperative period, a professional will give the massages. But you can learn to do it and recite it at home.

10. Avoid activities that stretch the skin

It is important to promote the flexibility of the skin as we have seen, but while the scar is forming it is essential that we avoid (as far as possible) all those activities that stretch the skin where are located a scar. This can spread it out and make it look less aesthetic.

11. Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is said to remove scars. This is clearly not true. But yes, thanks to the hydration it offers and the substances it contains, it can improve its appearance, promote elasticity and reduce its size. It also has the advantage that we can have it at home. However, it can never replace the tips and tricks we have seen.

12. Consult treatments with your dermatologist

In addition to all the advice we have seen, we always have the option of putting ourselves in the hands of a dermatologist and consulting with him, with the possibility of going through more specific treatments to treat scars And Remove Scars Effectively. Lasers, photodynamic therapy, plasma injections (or botulinum toxin), dermabrasion, peeling and even reconstructive surgery. These may be other therapeutic options if the scar, due to its characteristics, interferes with our emotional health.

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