7 Vegetarian Protein Rich Foods for Weight loss

7 Protein Rich Foods and Vegetarian Diet Plan

Overview: Protein Rich Foods and Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss with More Top 10 Benefits of Protein Riched Foods in Below.


What is Protein?

Protein are large part of marchomolecules and biomolecules, that contrast with one or more amino acids parts. Proteins Always Performed in Many functions of human body within organisms, included our DNA Replication, catalysing metabolic reactions, responding to cells Signalling, and provide structure to cells organisms, with transporting the molecules from one location to another location,

  Usually Proteins are different by his Amino acids sequences, which dedicated by Nucleotide sequence of their Gene to folding the protein in a Specific 3D structure who determines protein activities in body.

Best 7 Vegetarian Protein Rich Foods

7 Vegetarian Protein Rich Foods for Weight loss

There’re Listed Most 7 Famous Vegetarian protein Rich Foods that work well for Weight Loss and More Health Functions. Some people worry to eat meat and eggs, that’s why we’ll make a Best Vegetarian Protein Rich Foods Meal Plan for you, which Recommended by Dietitians.

Protein in Seeds – 5-7.3 gm per cup serving

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Usually Since Talk about Body Proteins that, our Body Doesn’t Store Extra proteins, only enzymes and Muscles break down send Signals to yield amino acids for Provide energy or synthesize glucose in body by protein. This supplying systems of Glucose in the cells Boost your Energy Levels in the body.


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Vegetarian Diet plan for Weight Loss

Vegetarian Diet plan for Weight Loss

Although The diet plans are meant to be balanced in nature, and we can design the Diet Plan to improve the intake of a particular nutrient. Our Listed high protein diet plan will be help to increase the protein amount in the body and maintain a healthy weight,

Time Meal Plan 
6:00 AM Every Mornig weak up Early and Take 1 Glass of Lukewarm Amla Water,

and Soaked Walnut (4 piece – half of one)

6:30 AM one Small Size Banana (6″ to 6-7/8″ long)
8:30 AM Sugar Free Soya Milk  (200 ml)
10:00 AM Steamed Sprouts and Vegetables (1 bowl)Mixing of Apple Almond Chia Seeds Smoothie with low-fat Milk (1 glass)
12:00 PM Coconut water (1 coconut yields)1/2 Guava Fruit with refuse
2:15 PM Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Carrot & Beetroot Salad (1 bowl)
2:30 PM 1 bowl Quinoa Pulao with Tofu and Spinach 

1 bowl Mixed Vegetable Raita

3:30 PM 1 cup Green Tea With Cinnamon.Low Fat cheese (0.5 cup)
8:15 PM Tomato, Cucumber, & Carrot mixed Salad (1 bowl)
8:30 PM Oats without Oil (2 pieces)Boiled Grean Peas vegetable (1.5 bowl)
10:30 PM 1 cup Jasmine Green Tea without added the sugar 
  • Start your Healthy day with Eating the soaked walnuts and lukewarm amla water
  • Smooth Your Breakfast by Eating steamed sprouts and vegetables, and Apple Almond Chia Seeds
  • At lunch, eat a bowl of quinoa pulao with tofu and spinach, according by 1.5 bowl of mixed vegetable raita
  • Two pieces of oats without oil, and 1.5 bowl of green peas vegetable should make up your dinner
  • And End your Enjoyment day with a cup of Jasmine Green Tea without any Sugar

Actually if you Follow this diet plan, you will grow your healthy fitness by improving the protein intake. You can see the good result after a balanced 7 days diet plan.



It’s Very important to ensure your protein consumption is maintained, and the daily requirement Value is met. Enjoy the Vegetarian Protein Rich Foods nutrient benefits,


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