Cancer in Vagina

Cancer in Vagina | Vaginal Cancer Symptoms Causes and 2 more

Cancer in Vagina

Cancer in Vagina
Treat Vaginal Cancer and Safe Your Life

Vaginal cancer is a rare cancer that occurs in female vagina, the muscular tube that connects female uterus with outer genitals of female, Vaginal cancer usually occurs in the cells that line the surface of vagina, sometimes called the birth canal. 

Although different types of cancer can spread from other cells of your body to your vagina, cancer that started in your vagina (primary vaginal cancer) is rare.

A diagnosis of early-stage Of cancer in vagina has the best chance for a cure. Cancer in Vagina that spreads beyond the vagina is much more difficult to treat. Trusted Source 1

Vaginal Cancer Symptoms (Cancer In Vagina)

Abnormally Female reproductive system at the first movement not cause any signs and symptoms, when it progresses maybe cause this signs and symptoms:

  1. Painful urination
  2. Frequent urination
  3. A lump in vagina
  4. Unusual Blading from vagina
  5. After cohabitation blading from vagina
  6. Constipation
  7. Pelvic pain


When you need to visit a doctor

See your doctor if you have any  symptoms and signs related to vaginal cancer, such as a unusual vaginal bleeding. Scientifically vaginal cancer always doesn’t cause signs and symptoms, follow your doctor’s recommendations about when you should have routine pelvic exams. Know more about the pelvic Exams here 

Vaginal Cancer Causes (Cancer in Vagina)

It’s not clear what are causes of vaginal cancer. Commonly, cancer begins when your healthy cells acquire a genetic mutation that turns normal cells into abnormal cells.

The healthy cells in our body grow and multiply at a certain rate, eventually our healthy cells dying at a set time. But cancer cells grow and grow and multiple time out of control, and they don’t die.

The accumulating abnormal cells form a mass (tumor).

Cancer cells attack to closer tissues and can break off from an initial tumor to spread any another cells in the body (which is called metastasize) Trusted Source 2

Vaginal Cancer Types

Vaginal cancer is divided into several types based on type of cells where the Cancer started.

types of cancer in Vagina included:

1. Carcinoma Vaginal Cancer,

which begins in the thin, flat cells (squamous cells) that line the surface of the vagina, and that’s most common type of cancer in Vagina

2.adenocarcinoma Vaginal Cancer,

which begins in the glandular cells on the surface of Female vagina,

3. Melanoma Vaginal Cancer,

Melanoma develops in the (melanocytes) pigment-producing cells of Female vagina

4. Sarcoma Vaginal Cancer,

which develops in the connective tissue cells or muscles cells in the walls of Female vagina and This is The Difficult Type of Vaginal Cancer,


Risk Factors for Cancer in Vagina

Some Factors That can Increase Your Vaginal Cancer positivities and it’s can create Complication for You maybe spread (metastasize) to distant areas of your body, such as your lungs, liver and bones.

Vaginal Cancer Risk Factors Included:

  1. Over Age
  2. Neoplasia (VAIN)
  3. Multiple Sexual Partners
  4. First intercourse in Early Age
  5. HIV infections
  6. miscarriage prevention drugs
  7. Smoking

Prevention ways of Vaginal Cancer

Cancer in Vagina
Safe Your Sensitive Zone

specifically Vaginal Cancer Doesn’t has Sure Prevention ways But if you Be careful at Something’s You Can Reduce your Risk Of Vaginal Cancer :

  • Don’t Smoke: if you smoke, Quit Smoking from now. There’re Many treatment available for quit Smoking, Like champix, Nicotinel (nicotine) and Tell your doctor I want to quit Smoking what you suggest me? Discuss to together and quit Smoking. Because, Smoking Increased The Risk Of Vaginal Cancer. If you don’t smoke please Don’t Start Smoking, and Be Careful about Your Health,
  • When you see Top Listed Sigs and Symptoms or You Realised has Something wrong with You, Undergo The Regular Pelvic exam and Pap tests, vaginal cancer is more likely to be cured when it’s Discovered in the Earliest Stage. For more Details and knowing cured options Discuss with your doctor and ask to doctor when you begin these tests and how often to repeat them,
  • Goodly Care Your Sensitive Zone in Menstruation time and Create a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Ask your doctor about the HPV vaccine. Taking a vaccine to prevent HPV infections. can reduce your risk of vaginal cancer and other HPV-related cancers.  Ask your doctor if an HPV vaccine is right for you.

Treatment Ways For Cancer In Vagina

There’re many ways available For treatment of vaginal Cancer, it’s dependent on Several Factors, what types Vaginal Cancer you have and your Cancer In Vagina now Which stage, So Discuss with Your Doctor and Find the Best Treatment For you Based on your goals of Treatment,

typically treatment for vaginal Cancer included surgery and radiation therapy’s

For more information and cured treatment contact with your doctor or go at trusted Hospital


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