Dr. Jahangir Kabir | JK Lifestyle and His Success story

Who’s Dr. Jahangir Kabir?

Lifestyle Modifier Dr. Jahangir Kabir Sir is Famous as a Family Medicine Specialist, Diabetes, Asthma, Cholesterol, Chronic Disease, and heart disease Specialist. He is The owner of JK Lifestyle. and Health Revolution. Dr. Jahangir Kabir is Located in Dhaka, Aftabnagar, Badda, Siraj Convention Centre at his Health Revolution.

Presently he also works as the Co-Editor of Bangladesh (IPCRG). the International Primary Care Respiratory Group, and Dr. Jahangir Kabir Sir after passing HSC from Adamjee Cantonment College in 1992. Passed MBBS from Chittagong Medical College in 2000, then completed my internship. After that, he moved to the village and started a career in an Upazila level private hospital.

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Dr. Jahangir Kabir Educational Qualifications

MBBS (CU) since 2000From Chittagong Medical College Registration No. 38791
Diploma Module in Diabetes Education for health in United Kingdom
Diploma Module in Asthma Education for health in United Kingdom
Diploma Module in COPDEducation for health in United Kingdom
Spiro 360 Spirometry course Washington University in United States
SSC From Adamjee Cantonment College in Dhaka
Educational Qualifications Chart

JK Lifestyle of Dr. Jahangir Kabir

Dr. Jahangir Kabir Sir posts various kind of advisory videos related to diabetes, Cholesterol, fat Adaptation and healthy diet on his Facebook Page JK Lifestyle and YouTube Channel Dr. Jahangir Kabir.

Dr. Jahangir Kabir diet chart and lifestyle already gained a lot of popularity on online in Bangladesh and other Bangladeshi Popularized countries. It’s Known as JK Lifestyle. Many people considered it a keto diet or (Ketogenic Diet)

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Successes story of Dr. Jahangir Kabir from his own Status

Listen to Dr. Jahangir Kabir’s success story from his mouth. Collected from his Facebook status.

He said That I passed MBBS from Chittagong Medical College In 2000, and then after completing my internship I was moved to the village. And started my career at an Upazila level private hospital.

From the beginning of my career in that hospital, always I’ve tried to help the patients to recover and Cure their Diseases as much as possible, and they’re all patients also loved and trusted me. and He said one time I realized that Many patients are not getting fully cured by taking medicine. All Disease is in the place of disease, and medicines are increasing day by day, especially for long-term diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and more.

As a result, I’ve started reading various foreign journals. And started a lot of Studying on the internet about how the whole world is giving importance to Lifestyle and Organic foods for a Healthy Life. By watching The Experienced Health Specialist videos on YouTube.

Then, After mastering the whole thing I started to advise the patients according to my research. And after maintaining My Diet and other bits of Advice, actually many patients started getting better and Cured. interesting things are they continue to recover and are Cured without any medication, just by maintaining their lifestyle and Diet,

when I Viewed and Realized that many patients got cured directly from my advice, then I started to get serious about this Matter. And I also started taking the advice for myself and started sharing it on social media, on Facebook Platform, and YouTube Channel for Publicly People See that. How do I advise different patients in Different Ways and what are their reviews? After Following My JK Lifestyle, Also I’ve to upload their videos and share their success stories on Social Media, for making the bits of advice suitable for All people so that everyone can follow them Easily.

After that many people in the country and abroad of Country started to follow that advice and get a healthy life without drugs, and Follow our JKLIFESTYLE FB group Now which has Around 303K members.

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Free Counselling of Dr. Jahangir Kabir

Dr. Jahangir Kabir Free Counselling
Image Collected From JK Lifestyle FB Group

However, We started a Free Counselling Program At My Chamber in Aftabnagar, Badda, Dhaka, for brought everyone to Clearly and Then we distribute a free guidelines Book which anyone can download From online as a PDF File. Alhamdulillah, Nowadays this Counseling has become very popular in Online and Offline. and Everyday Without Sunday Many People are coming here to benefit from our free consultation.

Now with your support and Praying we are able to hire 7 MBBS doctors. They are offering a free consultation to all Regular patients,
Usually, at the beginning of the free counseling, I give general advice to patients. and our Free Counseling program is closed on Sunday. only one day in the week. Also at our Freecounseling, seeing a doctor and post-counseling are free of cost for All patients.

And later they are followed up, which means no one has to pay any price to take this whole service again after following up. In the current situation of the country, I think it is very important that we try to keep ourselves healthy, eat less but the good stuff, eat less processed food, and avoid excess in everything.

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Health Revolution Easy Appointment

Dr. Jahangir Kabir Health Revolution
Image Collected From Dr. Jahangir Kabir Facebook Page

Dr. Jahangir Kabir Educational qualification is MBBS, FCGP, CCD (BIRDEM), Diploma Module in Diabetes From Education for health in the United Kingdom, and Asthma and COPD From Education for health in the United Kingdom. and He is the Owner and Chairman of the Health Revolution of Aftabnagar. Badda, Dhaka. He regularly provides treatments to his patients at Health Revolution, Dr. Jahangir Kabir Practices hours at Health Revolution Centre From (Morning) 10 am to 6 pm (Evening) (Closed: Friday). Dr. Jahangir Kabir Health Revolution Chamber. Contact Number is +8801925112244 Contact This Number to Book Your Appointment in Health Revolution.

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