Food that are good for high cholesterol

Food that are good for high cholesterol

What is Cholesterol?

When you think about your cholesterol, Maybe you think about of bad (LDL) High cholesterol, and want to Reduce your High Cholesterol, But also Our Body has a Good Cholesterol That’s Need our Body for working in many cells, This is Medically called to (HDL) High-density lipoprotein Cholesterol,

Learn more about HDL and Natural Food that are good for high Cholesterol in below paragraphs,  


What is HDL and LDL cholesterol?

Our body has two type Cholesterols, First one is High-density Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, it’s a good Cholesterol, Second one is Low-density Lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL), High levels of (LDL) is a bad Cholesterol and it’s Dangerous for our Health, Always Cholesterol patients need treatment for Reducing this Cholesterol Level,

Now we Start Treating this cholesterol with Natural Food that are good for high cholesterol, Reducing to LDL Cholesterol and Increase HDL Cholesterol Level,

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Food that are good for high cholesterol

Food that are good for high cholesterol
Good Foods

Our Lifestyle is Main Causes Of many Diseases, unhealthy Eats and sedentary lifestyle Like a bagel with Cream Cheese for breakfast and Chicken fry or Burger in Lunch, Anyway, That’s Not Ideal For your Cholesterol Because, They are source of Saturated and Trans Fat, So it’s will be increase Your LDL High Cholesterol Level,

Add This 5  Natural Food that are Good for high cholesterol, they help to Increase Your HDL Cholesterol Level,


1. Olive oil

Olives or olive oil is a Natural Healthy Foods, There are a Healthy fat That Very good for Heart, Also it’s Can Lower the impact of LDL Cholesterol on your Body, A famous Healthy Lifestyle Guider (Jk Lifestyle) Dr, Jahangir Kabir Always Says his Patients For Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Cooking’s and salads dressing, Because (Sunflower oil) other oils and Fats Not Breakdown at Moderate or high Temperatures, But  olive oils breakdowns at normal to moderate temperatures and it’s good for  your Heart and Liver Health, also You can use it as a Flavour For cooked foods,

Just be sure to use extra virgin olive oil it’s high in Calories and also it’s  Reduce your High LDL Cholesterol, This is a Most valuable food from Food that are good for high cholesterol


2. High Fiber Fruits

Reduce Your LDL High Cholesterol By Eating Fruits that has a lot of Fibre, such as apples, prunes, Banana, prunes, Raspberry and Avocado, You Can slice This Fruits and throw into your blender for a Delicious Juice Or Eat as a Fruit, They’re just as great plain as a midafternoon snack or an after-dinner treat 1-2 hours Before your sleeping,


3. Beans And Legumes

They are a Great source of soluble fiber, There’s available many types of beans you may wish to try Kidney beans, Black Beans, navy beans, black eyed peas, Lentils and others, Legumes and Beans are a Food that’s good for high cholesterol, It’s Increase Your HDL Cholesterol Level,


4. Whole grains

Whole grains Like cereals, bran, Brown or wild Rice,They can Help Lower your LDL Cholesterol Level and Boost your (HDL) Good Cholesterol Level, Because all of them Contained with fibers Basically contained Most amount Of soluble fiber, which is shown to help lower LDL.

However, at least Add in your diet two servings of whole grains per day. That could be as simple, as a comforting bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, 100 percent whole grain bread at lunch, and a side of brown Rice at Dinner, they are from 5 Food that are good for high cholesterol ,


5. Fatty Fishes and Cod liver Oil

Fatty fishes has omega-3-6 fatty acids, Which can Lower Your LDL Cholesterol Level and Help you create a Healthy Life,  fatty fishes Are Such as

  1. Salmon Fish
  2. Cod Fish
  3. Krill Fish
  4. Albacore tuna
  5. Most Sea Fishes

Also Cod Liver oil has More 15 Benefits For Enjoy a Healthy Life,


Treatment  for Increase Your HDL Cholesterol Level

Our Lifestyle is very effective for our Healthy Life, our unhealthy Life Style is causes of many Diseases, First you need to change your Life Style with Natural diet, There has alternate way for treating your cholesterols. Your Doctor may prescribe you some medicines for Low your LDL Cholesterol Level,

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