Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment | Causes and More

Hair Loss Causes And Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment
Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair is our favorite thing. It’s a symbol of the beauty in the human body, so we want to take care of it all the time, but most of the time we see our hair falling out , but we don’t know why! let’s find out now what causes to hair loss and what is the treatment?

Hair Loss Causes

  1. hereditary factor , Your genetic mutations Can be Causes Of thinning your hair Top the Head
  2. Hormone changes , it’s can cause of balding as Your age 40-50+
  3. Vitamin B Deficiency, It’s most important for Healthy Hair, If you have Vitamin B Deficiency you Loos Your Hair Early ,
  4. Dieting, If you Diet For Rapid Wight Loosing This will make your hair malnourished.  As a result you will start to hair lose
  5. Iron Deficiency, Iron also plays the most important role in keeping your hair strong healthy and nourished, If you have iron Deficiency it’s make hair fall
  6. Hair style: If you style your hair in the wrong way, it’s can cause your hair loss,Because when your hair is arranged in ways that pull on your roots, like tight ponytails, braids, or corn rows. This types hair loss  called traction alopecia. If it’s Damaged your hair follicles , the hair loss can be permanent.
  7. Restrictive diets.
  8. Body illness.
  9. having a baby (pregnant) and taking excessive amounts of Menstruation pause and Birth control pills
  10. Treatment Of Breast Cancer 
  11. Taking too much Medicine and Supplements, Like Medicine For Cholesterols, Diabetics, Depression, and also Take High Dose Of Vitamin A, all of them can be Causes Hair Loos
  12. Therapy’s, Like chemotherapy, radiation therapy and also some medication These cause your hair loss that can occur anywhere on your body. It happens to hair in the growth stage.Sometimes it’s damaged your hair follicles
  13. Depression and Physical Stress or Sock your Body Can be Causes Hair Loos,
  14. Emotional stress: mental illness, the death of a loved one,An abnormal thyroid.

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Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment
Hair Loss Treatment For Man and Women

There are several treatments for hair loss.  You may be able to stop hair loss or at least reduce it.  There are many treatments for hair loss including Medicines surgery and therapy , But some conditions, such as alopecia aerate hair can regrow within a year without treatment.


If your hair falls out due to the above reasons.  Then first get yourself out of those causes and use the following medicines properly, Don’t be afraid, there is included a treatment for hereditary hair loss

1. Minoxidil Solution,

(Hair-grow,Rogaine) You Found it many Names over the Counter it’s a Not prescribed Medication, Minoxidil Have liquid solution Shampoo and foam, For The most Effective Result a women can use one time a day in the night at the scalp skin, and For baldness men’s can use it two times a day in the scalp skin, If you want you can use a minoxidil Foam when your Hair is wet, minoxidil Success To help many people Growth Him Hair or slow the hair loss Rate and both,for better Result at least you need to Continues with minoxidil six months and many cases need nine months to one Year,

Alert:after your hair grows you will gradually stop using it.  If you stop suddenly your hair may be start fall out,

 Possible side effects: when you use Minoxidil maybe irritate scalp and unwanted hair growth on the adjacent skin of the face and arm

2. Finasteride (Proscar, Propecia)

this is an prescribed medication , it’s Need to prescribed by Your Doctor, You Can Take Everyday One Capsule For a few months until it’s work with you Friendly, and in a study found that most men’s who take Finasteride with Minoxidil They has been able to grow her hair and reduce hair loss

Possible side Effects: Finasteride Reduce diminished sex drive and sexual function and it’s increased risk of prostate cancer. And pregnant women don’t take this medicine

3. Biotin

most things are you Need Biotin Capsules for making your hair more than stronger, and continue 3 to 6 months, it’s an unprescribed Food Supplement You find it over the counter, 

4. Other medicines 

 Also, there have spironolactone (Aldactone) and dutasteride (Avodart) can be used for Hair Loss Treatment. But you can take this medicines After Discusses with your Dermatologist,

Life Style

When you see Your Hair Loss, you will be Depressed But Don’t Change Your Life Style , It’s The Big Problem For Hair Loss, You must be need to change your Life Style , Example sleep properly Go to bed at the right time around 10 pm Clock, And Everyday Sleep at least 7 Hours ,

Also Add Volume in your Hair Styling Products Take Vitamin B6 (cystine) , And shave your had if hair Loss is more  Or Discuss with a Hair Stylist For Better Ideas!

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Ask Your Dermatologist

when you visit a dermatologist Ask he or she this Questions ,

  • First Tell your Dermatologist Now what medicines and supplement you take For hair Loss and Another Diseases Treatment Also Tell him your Stress Condition and then ask this Questions For Right and Better Treatment
  • What is Causes For my Hair Losing?
  • Now what Kinds Of Test do I Need For Hair Loss?
  • Are my Hair Loss is permanent or Temporary?
  • How many time need Growth Back my Hair?
  • Which one is Best Treatment For me ?
  • Are I need to change my Diet and hair care Routine?
  • Doctor you prescribing me this medicine are there have a alternative medicine?
  • Are is coverage my Insurance ?
  • After how many day I come Back here ?

I hope if you Follow this Guideline you will be Success to Back Your Hair Beauty  , God Blessings You

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