How to get a Better Sleep

How to Get a Better Sleep | Top 15 ways

How to Get A Better Sleep

How to get a Better Sleep
Deep Sleep 💤

A good Quality Sleep Very Important For  our Healthy Life, (For Physical and Emotional Health,) also it’s more important for working our immune system function, Daily work performance and safety,

If you Don’t get a Enough Sleep or you Sleep Very badly it’s Can affect your Life Performance and Reactions, increases your accident chances at indoor And outdoor, Researchers Funded that, the Bad sleep can cause for increase your heart disease, kidney Disease , and heat stroke


How long sleep a Better Quality Sleep

The Better Quality Sleep for an Adult is Every night 7-9 hours sleeping and for older above 65+ is 7-8 hours Recommended by National Sleep Foundation incase some people Slightly Sleep more or less than Recommend Hours,


What you Do to Improve Your Sleep Disorder?

Continue Your Reading For Get the improvement of Sleep Disorder, Below Listed Top 15 Tips For Improve Sleep Disorder and Get a Better Sleep

Top 15 ways For Get a Better Sleep

Top 15 Tips For Get a Deep sleep
Improve your Sleep Disorder
  • Schedule Your Sleep time for every-days and Go at the same time your Bed
  • Try to wake up around the same time everyday, included your off days 
  • Take a Hot Shower or Bath Before half an hour of Sleeping, it’s keep you fresh and mindful, So you can Sleep Goodly and Get a Nice Day 
  • Relax your mind and Body Before Go to the Bed, Such as Read a Holy Story Book or Do something mindfulness activities, Meditation or Yoga 
  • Switch your Television, Laptop, smart phones with Regular and coloured lamps, Before an hour ago to your sleeping
  • Choose the Night for a Better sleep, You’ll Better Rest at night and try to Reduce Your Energy with a Short Exercise at Evening, and Don’t take any Multi-Vitamin Supplements at Night, Because it’s growth Your energy and keep you wake up, Multi-Vitamins and Food Supplements take at Morning after Break Fast or at afternoon  
  • Do you sleep on your chest or on your back?This type of sleep can cause your back and chest pain and keep you wakeup, Now Practice to sleeping on your right shoulder and  Put a pillow between your legs to align your hips, it’s can help you complete a Deep Sleep 💤
  • When you sleep on your back for a long time, it hurts your back and neck so change sides after a while and sleep on your shoulders without blaming your pillow and Bed, 
  • Block your clock and Noise of the surroundings, Because your clock can keep you awake by Sound and Increase Your mind Race for coming day 
  • Keep your Bedroom Too Comfortable for you, keep at a Normal Temperature and Dark, it’s Can Different for Everyone, usually 18-22 °C  temperature is A comfortable temperature for most people’s, and try to keep your Bed soft and comfortable, 
  • Physically Active Everyday by Exercise or Your Regular work, it’s can help you to get the Better sleep at night, Evenlight activity during the day, But Avoid a lot of Activities Before Sleep
  • Get The Sunlight at morning and avoid the Lighted Sunlights, 
  • Avoid Alcohol, cigarettes and Alcoholic Products, also Avoid Caffeine Because those can  disrupt your sleep
  • Don’t take a Big Meal Before Sleep, try to Finish your Dinner 1 Hours Before your Sleep
  • Don’t use Sleeping pills, avoid them Before Your physician or pharmacist Recommends you, use Melatonin supplements for a short time to Adjustable you with a Better Sleep Naturally
When You Need to see a Doctor
  • If you don’t get a Regular Better Sleep after trying this Ways, please contact or visit your Physician
  • If you wake up Many times at night
  • If you consistently feel Very Bad, tried or lazy during the day, please immediately Contact with your Doctor

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