How to Quit Smoking

How to quit Smoking | 10 Easy Ways

Quit Smoking and Lead a Healthy Life

How to Quit Smoking
Swear to Quit Smoking from now

are you upset about your smoking.  You are hurting yourself and understand that you’re doing wrong.  But you Still can’t quit Smoking , Although you will tried many times to quit Smoking, you got addicted to Smoking again.  When anyone becomes addicted to a drug, it is very difficult to quit.  However, researchers have not done less research to control this addiction. Tobacco packs also contain warnings, ranging from giving horrific pictures of the injured patient.  Yet difficult without smoking.  There’re many Ways Available for Quit Smoking or Tobacco,


here’re Easy 10 ways to quit Smoking for those, who are trying to quit smoking, which ways help you resist the urge to smoke or use tobacco when a tobacco craving strikes.

Top 10 Easy Ways to Quit Smoking


1. nicotine replacement therapy

Ask Your Doctor or Pharmacist about Nicotine Replacement therapy. Nicotine Therapy options include:

  • Use a Nicotine inhaler or Nasal Spray if Your Doctor prescribed for you
  • Try to Quit Smoking with Nicotine Gummy’s and patches
  • Try to Quit Smoking with use an Non-Nicotine prescribed Medicines Such as Bupropion (Zyban) and Varenicline (chantix) Trusted Source 

The short-acting nicotine replacement therapy’s such as nicotine inhaler, nasal sprays or gummy and lozenges- may can help you overcome cravings. These therapies are usually safe to use in combination with long-acting nicotine patches (Nicotinel) or non-nicotine drugs (Zyban-champix)

Recently Electronic cigarettes have gained a lot of attention as an alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.  However, further research is needed to determine the efficacy of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation and the long-term safety of this device. 


2. Delay Smoking

When You feel Your Smoke desires is Increasing, at first time tell yourself Smoke Just After 10 minutes and then busy Yourself or Do Something For Distract yourself for that period of time, Like Try to going at Public Place or Smoking-free Zones, These Easy way maybe enough for Prevent Your Smoke Cravings,


3. Try to Quit Smoking more to more times

Many people try to quit Smoking several times, but after some failed attempts they become again to smoker, You don’t do that try to Quit Smoking more to more times, Because in reality When anyone becomes addicted to a drug, it is very difficult to quit, however Don’t be sad and go ahead with your mission, Stay Safe and Create a Healthy Life


4. Chew Something

Chew Something’s Pleased to do to fight your Smoke Craving, Like Sugar Free Gummy (Mentos) or Nuts, Sunflower Seeds potato chips or Something Crunchy and Satisfying Foods,


5. Don’t think “Just one Smoke”

Don’t be fooled yourself thinking that, you can quit smoking just after smoke this one cigarette, Because just one cigarette enough for satisfy a tobacco craving and Failing your Mission,


6. Physical exercise

Try to Active Physically it’s Can help you distract from Smoke cravings and Reduce their strength, Even Short Burst Of physical Exercise, Such as Waking or Bicycle Running can calm Smoke craving, also try to Extra prayer, and do chores for distraction, such as vacuuming or office work.


7. Avoid Alcohol and triggers

When you Drink alcohols, you know that‘s harmful for Heart, Kidney  and Brain also it’s curb to complete your Smoke quitting goals, So try to avoid the alcohol and alcoholic places and at-least for a few days, avoid Your friends who Drink alcohols, and contact your good friends who’s quit Smoking and talk about how to quit Smoking, and they what doing at first time for quite Smoking,


8. Practice to Relaxation (Yoga’s)
How to Quit Smoking
Relax Stress and Anxiety with Yoga Meditation Techniques

When you start Quit Smoking it’s Can be Cause Stress and anxiety, So take the edge off Stress by Practice to Relaxation techniques (yoga’s) Such as deep-breathing exercise, Reading Holy Quran or Historical  Books, yoga meditation, and visualisation,


9. Take Support from another’s

Tell your Family, Best Friends, and Neighbour I want to Quit Smoking What’s Your opinion about this? They can encourage you to go ahead, (you do very well, Bravo, keep you going up ETC) also when you tell them I will Start Quit Smoking, Then you will be ashamed to smoke front of them for the second time.  And so gradually you will be able to discourage yourself from smoking.


10. Remind yourself

When you cravings to Smoke, Remind Yourself Why you want to quit Smoking! These Reasons might include:

However, when you resist a tobacco craving, with following this 10 Easy Ways you’re one step closer to being totally tobacco-free. Be Safe and Safe Your Loved Persons From Smoking and Drinking alcohols, 


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