Top 5 Health Benefits Of Manuka honey

Manuka Honey | Top 5 Health Benefits

What is Manuka Honey 

Manuka Honey | Top 5 Health Benefits
Manuka Honey Benefits

Manuka honey is a pure type of Honey, It’s produced by Specific bees who pollinate the flower Leptospermum scoparium and it’s provincially distributed by New Zealand, Manuka Honey Most attributed for wound and healing management,

and Manuka honey Active Ingredient is (MGO) “Methylglyoxal” who has anti-bacterial antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that may help to treat numerous ailments, including irritable bowel syndrome, gastric ulcers, periodontal disease, and upper respiratory infections. Also, it’s used for soothing sore throats, preventing tooth decay, and improving digestive issues.more research is needed on the properties of manuka honey Trusted Source 1


Here’re Listed Top 5 Health Benefits Of Manuka Honey


1. It’s helps to Heal Your wounds

Manuka Honey from ancient times to use to treat Burns, Wounds, and sores, Even it’s in the age of scientific progress used more Effectively for more treatment, Many studies have shown that It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bactarial, and antiviral power with clean the wound, provide hydration, tissue regeneration, and stimulate the healing process. also It’s effective in decreasing the risk of acquiring MRS, (MRSA) is a type of dangerous infection caused by the staph bacteria that is very difficult to treat because it’s resistant to many antibiotics. Trusted Source 2

2. It’s Helps to treat Your Acne

usually, acne is caused by hormonal changes, but it can be a reaction of poor diet, unhealthy Lifestyle and Bacterial infections in clogged pores, manuka Honey antibacterial properties can help you fight to acne Removing the bacteria on your Skin, also it’s use for Red and swollen pimples, However more research is needed on the properties and uses of manuka,  know more about of Acne Treatment here


3. It’s can Relive Sore Throat

It’s Definitely Relief the sore throat and cough given his antiviral and antibacterial properties, it’s Like Other pure honeys working in Cough Reliving, 

In addition, Manuka reduces oral mucositis when you have sores or inflammation in your mouth, trusted Source 3

also it’s can be use for Improve your oral health, Now 40% of people has oral Diseases Like tooth pain or Gum Blading and other Diseases, Soo You Need to avoid tooth Decay and keep your Gums Healthy, and minimise the oral bad Bacteria’s that are cause plaque formation, also You need to know good oral Bacteria’s that are Responsible for your tooth and Healthy gums,

An Study have shown,  that is attacks harmful oral bacteria associated with plaque formation gum inflammation and tooth decay powered by  his antibacterial properties, 


4. Help to Digestive improvement

It’s Help to improve your Digestive Symptoms, Who caused By Digestive disorder (IBS) Irritable bowel Syndrome, (IBS) Symptoms included with abdominal pain, Diarrheas, and irregular bowel movements. Manuka honey improve your Digestion with Reducing these Disorder, Trusted Source 4

Also Manuka improve Antioxidants status, know more about of antioxidants Benefits here


5. Prevent Gastric Ulcers

In Present time More People has Stomach Problems, Gastric Stomach Ulcers, it’s may help to prevent Gastric Stomach Ulcers, against  to antibacterial agent H. pylori, A Study Of Saudi Arabia on some patients with Ulcers shown that they are Success to treat 60% people from ulcers, However more research is needed for knowing to his properties and uses,


How to choose the Best manuka honey

  Before eat Manuka honey, make sure that you have purchased pure and highest quality Manuka honey, it’s a Expensive honey When you Buy it Look at the Level with UMF+ (Unique Manuka Factor) Rating, UMF+ is a Rating 10 of 10 Rating for 100% purity, and other kinds of level are might be less effective or not even 100% Manuka honey.

Usually Manuka Honey consumed it own, You can Mix it in your Foods and Drinks , Because it has a slightly bitter taste due to the high levels of phenolic acids,


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