Treatment for heat stroke

Treatment for heat stroke | and 2 more

What is the heat stroke?

Treatment for heat stroke
Reduce overheating

Usually a Heat Stroke caused by Our body Overheating, when we prolonged exposure to High temperature or our physical exertion more activate in a high (104 F to 40 C) temperature place, mostly it’s occur our heat injury’s, heatstroke very common on Summer Times, treatment for heat stroke Most Emergency, Without treating or Delay treating of heatstroke can Early Damage  your Kidney, Brain, And Heart Which Cause to Heart attack or death,

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Symptoms of Heat Stroke 

There’re Listed some Symptoms Of Heat stroke when You see These Symptoms in a Person or You Feel in your own Call 997 or Your Local Emergency Call centre, And Take immediate action to cool the overheated person while waiting to Take Emergency Treatment For Heatstroke, heatstroke Symptoms included:

  • High Body Temperature: when any person Body temperature goes above 104 F to 40 C Determines with a Rectal thermometer, it’s The main Reason and Symptoms of A heatstroke
  • Changes in sweating : Heatstroke due to hot weather, when you Go in Sunlight or in high temperatures place your skin will feel hot and dry to the touch. and Sweating more than Natural Sweating,
  • Unusually feel sickness in Your Stomach or Vomiting, and Fell Hot In Stomach area
  • flushed skin: When your body gets overheated, your skin will be red like anger looks,
  • Shallow and Rapid Breathing
  • Headache (unusually increase your front of the head headache or Back of the head headache)
  • Increase your Heart Rate: scientifically increase your pulse rate because heat stress puts a heavy burden on your heart to cool your body from overheating, Trusted Source 2

Complication and Risk factors of heat stroke 

Heatstroke complications Defended on how long time your body temperature is high, Several Complications :

  • Damage organs: without Emergency treatment for heatstroke can Damage Your Brain, Liver, and other organs it’s can Permanently Damage your organs,
  • Death : Without treatment for Heatstroke can Cause a person fatal to Death

Risk Factors of heatstroke included:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Dehydration
  • Age
  • Exposure in Hot weather
  • A lack of air conditioning
  • Certain medications
  • Certain health conditions Trusted Source 3

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Prevent Heatstroke

Usually If you Follow Some Steps You Can Prevent the heatstroke Now Start your Journey with Take the treatment for heat stroke,

  • Don’t Wear Tights Clothes,
  • Protect your Skin From Sunburn,
  • Drink Juice, Oral Saline and fluids
  • Take Fish oil
  • If you Take Certain Medications take Extra precautions
  • If You work in Outside Take Easy During Hottest times of the day and Take Rest After Some Time in a Coll place,
  • Take Time to acclimate in new weather or Adjust to hot Weather
  • Take a cool Shower or soaking you in a Cool pond,

How to know you has Heatstroke Disease and what is the Treatment for heat stroke

Usually when you visit, your Doctor can determines your heatstroke But for more confirmation he/she may told you Doing these tests,

  • Determine your core body Temperature by Using a Rectal Thermometer,
  • Blood Test for check your Blood Sodium or Potassium Level to be Sure if there’s been damage to your central nervous system,
  • Take a Urine Test Because If You have Kidney failure or Heat-related condition Your urine colour will be change to darker, then you will be sure about your Health Status,
  • Take a rhabdomyolysis Test or X-ray check for damage to your internal organs.

Treatment for heat stroke

Treatment for heat stroke
Take your Best Treatment for heat stroke

Your Doctor may Take these steps for cooling your body to a normal Temperature for Reducing your Kidney, brain and other Vital organs Damage,

  • Cryotherapy (cold therapy) a bath of cold ice can Quickly Reduce Your Body Temperature and Safe your organs From Damage it’s also help to Improve your joints pain
  • Vaporisation cooling techniques, Cooling a patient Body Temperature using a Vaporise method Like a air cooler,   
  • Take Medication for stop shivering  trusted Source 4
  • Use Ice and Cooling Blankets, a effective method for cooling your temperature Using ice or Blankets, apply cold-packs forehead, neck armpit and groin to Reduce your temperature
  • Rehydrate: Drink Plenty of fluids or oral Saline for Replace yoursalts and waterthat the body loses when you have dehydration caused by Overheating
  • Avoiding to Sugary and alcoholic Beverages


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